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My new ass

January 12, 2012

Here's my ass, Whitey and my quarter horse, Blondie. When Whitey first came to live here, Blondie did NOT want him on the property. She kicked him, chased him away from his food and would not let him into the herd. Now they're best buddies and hang out together. So far, Whitey's kept the coyotes away - that's what he's paid to do.




Our blog (a web log or sort of online diary) is maintained by chief stall mucker, poop picker-upper and all around slave to the animals, Norma Epstein. I write it all myself (no Pulitzer or accolades necessary) and I take all the pictures with a Minolta digital camera. I take pictures and post to the blog whenever I find something interesting or have something interesting to say (and even sometimes when I don't).


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