Business Aids

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Leather business card

Leather business cards

Your graphic, logo, design laser engraved on leather! This is a business card no one will throw away or lose for sure. These cards will leave the impression that you are someone who is a cut above the rest. The rich feel and smell of leather with your name permanently engraved is something the recipient will treasure. The picture at left is an actual card which has been edged in black dye. The text and graphics have not been enhanced - what you see is what you get. Price depends upon amount of engraving. Call for estimates

Wood sign


How about an engraved sign for your business or your home? Prices depond upon size and amount of engraving. Any image, logo, brand or lettering is possible. What can you imagine? We can do it!



Keychains can be made in a variety of colors and shapes out of 1/8" acrylic. A great advertising tool for a small amount of money. All but one of the keychains pictures were made for a veterinarian who gives them to his clients.

Any kind of name badge

Name badges

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We can create any look you want. Do you want color? How about an unusual shape? We can engrave your logo - we can even put your picture on a color badge. Tired of those pesky holes in your shirt, jacket or blouse? We have magnet or pin backs as well.

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