Edgelight Trophy

A spectacular edgelight trophy with lights

The picture just doesn't do this trophy justice but it is illuminated from the base which causes the edges and the engraving to glow.

The base in this photograph is a counter top design and it also comes in a wall mount. There appears to be a double image but it is only the reflection of the engraving on the back wall of the 1/2" thick clear acrylic. This trophy is 12" x 12" x .5" and is illuminated by a white light.

All trophies are a maximum of 12" tall and come in widths of 6", 12" 18", and . 24". Light colors are red, blue, white, green, amber, magenta, aqua and orange. Base finishes come in mill finish (pictured), clear powder coat, bronze powder coat, mahogany wood, pine wood and blue/grey marble. The wood and marble finished are faux finishes.

Edgelight cut out of a Bentley

This is the wall mount edgelight (wall mounting bracket at bottom left). This light filters up through 1/4" thick acrylic and is cut out around the car. You can see the light around the edges of the car as well as every engraved area. To get the best results, you need a good drawing of your car. The drawing for this light was done by renowned car artist Lisa Daniels www.lrdaniels.com.

This is a spectacular one-of-a-kind gift for a car enthusiast, unusual trophy or a wall sconce everyone will envy.

Sizes and colors are the same as for the counter top model.

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