Leather Trophies

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Leather plaque

Leather Plaques.

Any image can be laser engraved on leather. This plaque was engraved for the Cutting Horse Association and stitched on a leather duffel style bag. A plaque such as this can be placed on a backing and framed as another option. Hand tooling can also be added.

A beautiful lobby plaque


This plaque was made for the lobby of a company and is a stunning statement of quality. The logo was lasered on to a square of leather 8.5" X 14" and affixed to a beautiful wood plaque. Camera ready art, electronic formats or photos can be used to create a unique keepsake for any occasion or award.

This engraved leather 4"x7" plaque was custom made for a Georgia shooting association. The leather was cut to size, engraved with the logo, barbed wire border and class and then affixed to a wood plaque. Each corner or the leather is accented with a brass nail. This is an award any recipient would be proud to hang on the wall.
Another engraved leather plaque engraved with a copy of a magazine cover.
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This plaque was covered with black leather and overlayed with a grey pebble grain leather. The corners are fastened with upholstery tacks. Check out the testimonial of the customer here.

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